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October 18 2016

Java Rank

Ranking for Java Open

RDarts Java Championship 2016
Organized by RDarts
Total Prize : More than 10M
Duration : 2 Months (18th October  to 18th December 2016)
Registration Fee : Nil
Ranking Entry : Open to Everyone
Format :
501 Open in / Master Out
Average Rating of Best 10 Games

1) 41.00 – 60.00 PPD
2) 21.00 – 40.99 PPD
3) 00.00 – 20.99 PPD


C1. Rp 1.200.000
C2. Rp 800.000
C3. Rp 400.000

B1. Rp 2.200.000
B2. Rp 1.500.000
B3. Rp 900.000

A1. Rp 3.000.000

General Rules & Regulations:
Prize Claiming:  
1) Winner will be notified via telephone call & e-mail provided during registration of their membership in the Radikal System.
2) Winner is required to submit their scanned or photocopied I/D or passport for verification purposes and your membership details will be cross-checked with your I/D or passport details.
3) If there is a tie for feat or placing prizes, the following next match counted until 1 player score higher than another.
4) An event will be held at RDarts outlet for prize giving ceremony. The outlet location will be announce later in our news section on idn.radikalplayers.com. Any winners who are unable to come and collect their prizes will be able to receive the prizes via bank in 2 weeks after the event has ended. Banking details should be submitted together with their I/D or Passport.

2) Open to every darter (Member Needed)

Game Format & Rules:
1) 501 - Open In / Master Out
2) Ranking Rating = Average of 10 Best Games
3) Personal Rating is required to qualify into the categories stated. Any new player is required to play a minimum of 25 games to acquire their personal rating.
4) Remote Refereeing System will be used to monitor the player’s game.
5) Only validated games will be accounted for the ranking rating.
6) Any player who is found cheating will have their related games invalidated, Player will have their participation disqualified for this event and moved to the CHEAT category.
7) If a player throw a dart but the dart wasn’t counted, it can throw a new dart. However the player cannot touch the dart in the board with his/her hand else it would have their game invalidated.
8) If a player increases too much his/her average(PERSONAL RATING), he/she will be moved to an upper category.
9) All Staff AGI,PT (Rdarts) not allowed to participated.
10) Players must NOT be in represented, I/D or Pasport Validation will be done ON When Taking Gift (Prize).

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